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3/4/09 03:14 pm - *Screaming*

Am I going to fall in love ever in my life? wtf!? How does everybody do it?!

China. Harbin. The 26th of February. 

1/26/09 02:28 am - about one wise book.

 There's the wind and the rain
And the mercy of the fallen...
There's the weak and the strong
And the many stars that guide us...
We have some of them inside us .
Dar Williams,
"The Mercy of the Fallen


Thank you, Elizabeth Berg, for your amazing book "We are all welcome here".
This story showed me something.. i think.

12/24/08 04:58 pm - Happy Christmas..

Happy Christmas all my lovely people ...

Be very happy and healthy!!! Wish you love, peace, comfort, warm and kind people around you, smiling faces, real friends always next to you, kindness, sunshine inside you, blue-blue sky above your head and happiness for you and all the people that mean much to you !

ps. It's so great to be at home  now. Feel Christmas!!


12/3/08 09:56 pm - Roxy Chicken Jam

 So I have several more days in my native Hintertux.. And then Kaprun for the Roxy Chicken Jam.. Well... Not sure, not sure... Cause didn't have a day in the park here... But it was SO much POWDER and backcountry, that is actually waaaaaay better than the best park ever !!!) So we'll see.. 

And I'm really missing home now feeling kind of lonely... So far from home for a month again..  

And it's snowing ... and snowing ... and snowing... And the new year is on its way already... 

miss u... too much. damn.

11/27/08 09:15 pm - LOVE/HATE

... LOVE/HATE ...

.....it's SO true about snowboarding...  It can make me the happiest girl in the whole world but can destroy me from inside at the same time too!!
  ... I love it. I can't live without it... But I hate it in a way too...  cause it can manipulate me so easily!! Just incredible!! It makes me smile, makes me feel alive, it lets me HEAR the music, feel the music, be a part of it in a way... It helps me breathe filling my lungs with happiness and it makes me free... it just helps me to be... to exist...
... but sometimes it makes me cry too... and brings so much pain to me.. and pain inside of me too.. and then I feel so lost ...
...so ... LOVE/HATE... that's about snowboarding...                                              

Hey, listen to me tomorrow (Friday, the 28th) on the radio Maximum 103.7  at 21.00.

See ya.

11/8/08 11:59 pm - Canada



11/7/08 12:30 am - Back? from Switzerland

Feel kind of lost now... not sure enough where is my home now... well.. let me explain..
It's exactly what I have been dreaming about...to live like that.. right..but...it's....it's hard.. I can't feel at home anymore.. I mean when I'm in Moscow I'm so snowed under that I don't have time to feel it... to feel at home.. simply don't have time!! ...
cause it's always so little time and SO much to do...to manage...  
After more than a month in my US-Canada trip I had just 2 weeks at home..then almost 3 weeks in Switzerland in August and then 3 weeks at home and then 1 week at the Black See, then 3 weeks at home and then Switzerland again for 2 weeks and then... now...I'm at home now....but that's more like.. switching the planes somewhere... i mean that's more about rushing, studying superhard to catch up with everything .. without any sleep at all, figuring out the next trips, different stuff about sponsors, some shit about documents and visas, some stress about scheduling, managing to visit some doctors, grabbing the salary, giving back some books to the libraries and other stuff like that... trying to see some friends I really need to be with once in a blue moon, trying to spend some more time with my beloved family and more and more things I wanna do here.... so much to do.. and....and I haven't seen my brother for  about a month by now after all!!!! just cause of all that! and .... aaaaahh...... superfuckinghard to explain!!! Of course that's exactly what I always wanted!!!! To live this life this way!!! Sure it is!!! And I love my damn life so much!!!! But I wanna feel home... And I've lost such feeling recently... I'm like stuck in the middle of nowhere...  
And I feel lonely... cause of that.. I really do..

and I'm counting the days that I still have for being at home like I used to do during my trips... so now I have about a week before the leaving my sweetest home for a month again..


11/5/08 02:44 am - about the European Roxy Team Trip to Elbrus


It was a wonderful trip! It was so amazing to meet the whole team, all the girls with the funniest photographer and camera man ever. And was so great to be a russian part of that union, where Mille Windfeldt was a free skier from Norway, Lena Stoffel -  from Austria, Aline Bock - from Germany, and the guys - from England, Johno Verity and Dan Milner. I just fell in love with all of them! All the girls - funny Mille, beautiful Lena and wonderful Aline, our supercreative camera man Johno and a very talented photographer Dan who both didn't give
us a chance to stop laughing) Meeting those people was just ... WOW...  
So that was the best thing about the trip. For sure.
It was so much fun, interesting snowboarding, new experience and great people! Really! It was pretty long ago, last april, but I'm still full of emotions)










10/13/08 02:19 am - about my diary

"...and sometimes I feel like some little angels are flying somewhere around me.. And keep me safe and sound.. and bring me together with some people... who are ... well.. way better than I am... for sure... really.. I don't even deserve these angels around me.. and these people.. Oh, God.. I would like to tell you so much... about how grateful to you I am... how happy I am.. to have my place in this life... to have everything I have...to feel everything I feel.. to see everything I see.. to HEAR everything I hear...
...This noise from the ocean that fills your soul with freedom, and makes everything salty in a way.. just thank you..
... thank you for that feeling when some powerful wave goes over your head and you can realize at that moment HOW little you are... "The ocean makes you stronger in a way" - Rub said. And yeah... it does.. It was so exciting and so scaring at the same time.. It was so new to dive under the giant wave holding the breath and his strong hand... And trust him.. trust him so much...
These people I've met... I can't get why.. I don't even deserve it.. no... for real...
That big red truck with my two dear people and lots of chocolate, that little wonderful Kae.. that yellow surfboard, those first waves in my life, that short nap on the sand every time after facing the ocean... warm and salty sand.. And I didn't care.. 

It was so crazy and stupid, but so happy to run so fast and so far along the shore feeling the waves hugging my bare feet... I could have run like that forever.. I'm sure.. run watching my favorite yellow sun and trying to grab that emotions deep inside my heart and memory...  Thank you, Sunset Beach... Thank you, Huntington...Thank you, RubenAnthony ... thank you Pacific Ocean.. Thank you, CA... I'll be back soon again.."
                                                                                                                         1:02 a.m. the 14th of July, 2008.

I wrote it the day I was leaving California, sitting at the airport and waiting for my flight to New York... I remember my emotions so clearly.. that feeling of fullness and emptiness at the same time... With my hair still salty cause the Pacific Ocean, and my eyes still salty.. cause several litters of tears.. I was as strong as I could! Holding my burst of tears for the whole day, I felt even proud of myself! I had promised myself not to cry. And I  almost  did! Unless I turned around at the very end in order to cast my very last glance at the ocean... Oh, it was a big mistake!

And  I've just realised today... that I've kind of started forgetting that feeling.. that feeling of gratitude and fullness.. and happiness... and I don't want! I don't wanna forget! I wanna stay forever that pure naive girl I was at that moment.. that stupid and happy kid living in the fictitious world made up by my own perception... Please, don't leave my mind..


9/15/08 04:09 pm - DIPLOMA


Finally have found time to pick it up from the University
It has been waiting for me there for the whole summer. My poor baby (=



9/1/08 02:13 am - So long..

Good bye, my warmest summer... And thank you for being so generous to me...  s. 
 240  240

8/16/08 12:16 am - Switzerland. Saas-Fee.

For the rest of my beautiful summer..

7/31/08 01:57 pm - just bullshit )

Friday, the 1st of August. THT 20.00 =)

Cause I won't be able to check it out.

7/22/08 02:36 am - finally have understood

I love SO many things in this life...
I love SO many people around me...
I really LOVE.
May be TOO much of everything..
My heart hardly handles it I guess.
THAT'S WHY I'm so happy being alone.. Now I understand. Just today I've understood exactly where was the main reason. My enormous love warms me up all the time and I don't need anything/anyone else. Now I see.
There is always room for discovering, huh?

7/16/08 03:10 am - NEW YORK

so much of everything in my mind now...

7/3/08 08:40 pm - Last day in Canada... Vancouver - Los Angeles tomorrow..

SO sad to leave... as usual though.. It's so hard for me to change something cause it always means to say GOOD BYE to one thing...though HELLO to another one...

Anyway I've left a piece of my heart here, in Canada. Cause it's paradise.. Really. Beautiful British Columbia. Whistler. Camp of Champions. Blackcomb.. It was 10 days of snow, sun, big mountains, snowboarding, photo-shooting, tones of new people, beautiful lakes, long walks, tones of popcorn, enormous hamburgers (their size here is just incredible!), a bit of skateboarding, bears, bluebird sky, wonderful views, canadian Jody, german Felix and Isenseven (we've met after all!), funny kids, sounds of favorite music in my ears, smiling eyes, stomped tricks and also crashes, big jumps, funny shreading, suntan and so much of everything that Canada presented to me..

C A N A D A .. it's so similar to Russia.. but it isn't. Definitely.

Tomorrow is a day in Vancouver and then our flight to Los Angeles.. Well, I've been dreaming about California for SO long... Dreams come true.

Miss my family already and a bunch of friends. My warm hugs for you.

6/15/08 10:01 pm - even less that one week..

Just 6 days ... and then ... Moscow - New-York - Vancouver - San Francisco..... 
More than exited but too nervous right now... just snowed under and too busy.. Need more than 24 hours a day..
Hope I'll be able to overcome these 6 days without sleeping and time for dreaming. Pff..

6/8/08 02:05 pm - From there I love my town.. May be it's even the only place..

My favOurite place in thiS overCrOWded city..


5/10/08 02:48 am

I'm finally at home..
photo by gost

This spring was full of snow, sun and riding..

First was riding in Moscow..

Then was a week in Miass. It's a beautiful place, btw.. It was fun definitely.

Then was St. Petersburg and Championship of Russia..There was a lot of panic, a lot of walking and joy. 

Then was St. Petersburg again, then 2 weeks in Finland, then Roxy trip with European team to Elbrus, then a bit of riding in Kyrovsk...but I feel too sleepy right now
Tell you about it later. 
Good night now.

And also...


5/10/08 02:14 am - I hope you exist..

"I'm watching over you from the stars...
Don't be scared..
- I know exactly where you are...
And there is a piece of me..
And it's burning in your heart...
Even death can never tell us apart ..."


4/26/08 11:40 pm - F-R-I-E-N-D-S

It's just happiness to have YOU...
Wish you all the same.. Have FRIENDS..


Joe, I'm so glad to see you so happy after all,
 congratulations on your wake-club)


4/9/08 08:16 pm - Finland

 Hey, how are you doing there? How is everything?

Finland is great, have some problems here with weather though.. We have been here for more than one week already, but had only 3 or 4 days of good weather..More than that have some problems with my shank..Feel a bit sad about it, cause can't ride as I want and rock as I would like...But still hope for quick recovering..
 Have taken 2 first  places at contests here (now I have 7 first places in a row, but I'm not boasting at all, just counting)).
 Having a lot of fun here with team. 
It has been snowing hard here for 5 days already.. Winter has come=))

Wish you all good luck, and take care of you, please.
I'm in Moscow in a week..
see youuuuu.

3/20/08 12:38 am - Dreams come true...



2/29/08 03:59 am - About my treasure

You can't even imagine how much these two little girls mean to me. Nobody will never be able to replace them in my damn life...
I love you. Thank you...Thank you for everything...

I have my flight to Chelyabinsk (v. funny it looks in english) in several hours to ride Halfpipe there. For several days, I hope so. Cause I really wanna go to see Anti-
Flag on Tuesday! Yeap)
P.s> I'm not red any more=) Well...temporary, I guess))
Had three hours of sleeping for the last two days..Feel now..well, a bit just tired (=
Recommend you to see the movie P.S.I love you. But in english better..It's worth watching I guess..
Thanks, Bryan, for taking me to this movie, by the way )
See you soon.

2/24/08 10:23 pm - about one thing I hardly can live without




2/19/08 01:51 pm - wrong, wrong.. wanna more punk-rock!!)

Oh, I didn't want last post to be so sad..sorry.. 
Actually everything is great.. it is winter outside after all!!=))


photo by [info]stupidityyy =)

2/19/08 12:51 pm - sin ti

I just wonder what is it that keeps me going...most of all, I mean.. My riding? my work? my studyingFriends? Family? MusicDreams? What else
I just watched one film in spanish several days ago...."SIN TI",  it's called ...Es de "cuando la oscuridad te hace ver lo que la luz esconde.."
 And I'm still under profound impression of it... Now I feel a bit scared even cause of it...
The thing is that I'm not ready to loose anything I have now.. 
  Please, take care of you..

photo by [info]stupidityyy


1/23/08 10:23 pm - Siberia

Going to Novosibirsk for 10 days. 
Competitions and half-pipe riding there. 
I'm back on the 3rd of february. 
See you soon)

 by Maria Runova/ Thank you)

1/23/08 12:12 am - about new year's coming, people and Nothern Rainbow, of course.

First of all about Kyrovsk.
It was great..Not even riding this time (although I had at least 5 days of really great riding there) but the whole trip. People around me, my personal feelings and just atmosphere of this trip.
- Two my favorite little girls were there with me, we hadn't been associating with them for soooo long..Because of so many problems, work, studying and other stuff..Just routine..about one year almost without them..( I was so glad to have them next to me again..My favorite "sobachki" (c)))), stupidityyy and sashka, I love you sooo much..You are just part of me I guess..Like...well..one of my arms..or...leg) Yeah, why not?=) That's really so) Thank you for everything..P.S. not thank you for that disgusting cake you made once and for pushing me out from the bed every night))
- Our flat) Larisa, she is the best =)  Boys, thank you for really great company!) Every day is fun with you) It seems to me I kept laughing all the time (:
jordan___ , remember, they say "'I'm going to wipe the floor with your face", only this way, okay?))) Joe's cooking and playing guitar are awesome)  thank youuu, guys) P.s^ not thank you, jordan___, for your damn fucking hip-hop in the morning!!!  really hate you for this!!      )
- FLOW TEAM Special thanks to you, guys..Because I really feel you like a TEAM. _neversummer, pupsik_kuksik, g_o_s_t , thank you for backing me always and believing in me. I really trust you and enjoy spending time with you. Riding with you is so much fun) And comfort. For real. Thank youuuu all!! And special thanx for so many hours of laughing with you)
- FLOW SNOWBOARDING. Thank you for sponsorship, for this trip ang for giving me such a great team)
- People. a lot of people around me. It will take me long time to call everybody, so, sorry. I just wanna say that sometimes I'm really happy that there is an opportunity to find such people. Like my favorite one, ky_ka_, for example=)) And other good persons.. 
-Northern lights!!!!! Northern severe rainbow!!)) I saw it! I saw it! It's beauuutiful!) It was Christmas night so it was doubled great..
- night riding with pupsik_kuksik, t was great! Thank you) Old school party at the slopes..And many other things..I'm just too tired now to remember everything)

by g_o_s_t

by stupidityyy 

by pupsik_kuksik


12/26/07 03:51 pm - Good bye, 2007...

Don't wanna let this year go away...It was too happy, too kind and full for me...
I was completely happy at least 330 days of this year... 
Wish you all Happy New Year

12/12/07 01:20 am - Novosybyrsk. Don't know.

Going to Novosybyrsk early in the morning today just for several days. Well...May be I don't understand something, may be I'm stupid or may be I just can't make a choice..That's always a crux for me..  Anyway.. I don't know..May be you are right and it's really stupid to make such a decision and go there instead of going to Roxy Chicken Jam to Austria. But now that's it. And it's too late. We will see, but I hope I'll enjoy it as well.
Bye. Will be at home on Sunday.


12/6/07 02:38 am - 3 weeks in Alpes. Austria. Tux.

Three weeks in Alpes..
Three weeks of fresh powder !! no park, no halfpipe though)
 Three weeks of fun with girls and sharing one bed with them)
Three weeks of riding and happiness with awesome music in my ears that makes me the happiest girl on the Earth. And no way)
Three weeks of reading great books and watching films with girls  lying in bed in the evening)
Three weeks of snow, snow and ... what else....welll... snow, I guess)
So. To cut the story short.. it was really great) 
thanx, Moscow Team. Thanx, Roma Teymurov. Thanx, Girls, it was really fun))) Thanx, my best "podrujki" Kopchik and Tyshkin)) 
Special thanx to muuuuuuuusic, What would I do without you?? The_rocket_summer, Thanx)
Thanx, snow)
WELL, NO thanx to the weather)
Thanx to the new european friends. To all of them) Especially to the german ones) Kooorby and Beeene) It was FETT))
Munich and Tux, bye, see you again)

12/4/07 12:20 am - ROXY doubles fun x2

NO. ROXY TREBLES (!!!) FUN !! !! !!!   x3 (!!!)

Photo by GOST.  Just gost )

Special thanks to Nikulin. For great company and fun  =)

I adore piano

11/30/07 11:34 pm - Brother

I know You'll never see it, cause You don't like any things like this. But it doesn't matter.
Because I know that You always feel all my emotions and know how much I love you.
I can't explain this, but I've been always proud of  You. Always. Even when we really had problems.. or when, being too small to understand our happinness of having each other, we just couldn't  stand each other, fighting and quarreling all the time. This time passed long ago. Now I even miss it so much. Cause I can't now just cross the  corridor and enter your room just to say hi to You, to pinch You or 
to poke my finger into your stomach or just to hang out with you there for a little while.
I've been always proud of that fact that ...
That You are so talented. And You really ARE. Everybody knows it. 
Of that fact that all my girlfriends always fell in love with You=)) And no wonder by the way) . 
Of that fact that ... that You are always just exactly who You really are, no more, no less...
Of that fact that ... You just ARE, that You exist and You are my brother.  And no way=)
But now I'm proud again. Cause now I really believe that everything is gonna be alright with You. Even can't imagine that  just several months have passed since You phoned me and asked to meet with You for talking. I was scared then... And not without reason..It seemed to me that it couldn't be worse. Even now I remember that  day - weird, our meeting - weird, our conversation - weird..
But it doesn't matter now any more. Thank  You for doing this. I love You, my darling BROTHER. I wish You were happy...
And You, certainly You=) Welcome to our family. You have been always welcomed here, You know this!
So there is one more Alyokhina Elena now in this world=) And in this family there are two of us as well))


P.S^  And one more thing..
Thank You... for everything..
Even for punk-rock, for example=))) I know, It can seem ridiculous but still... it means so much in my life that you just can' imagine). I remember the day You showed it to me =) And other things like this..

But seriously..You've influenced my life much

PHOTOS BY STUPIDITYYY Thank You, honey!!!!!)

11/1/07 05:27 am - panic =)

Hey. Going away from here for a little while. Going to Austria with Moscow Snowboard Team. For three weeks. If you need me..
My number there again:
for callings: 
            +3 725 315 76 58       
for sms:             +3 725 327 16 58        

Feel so happy.. but really exhausted now...
Guess, will miss everybody.)
See you

9/25/07 02:17 am - FALL IS HERE. autumn, I mean. Do you feel it? I do)

 I believe in autumn. Can't explain this)
Wanna heaps of yellow leaves in my room, under my pillow, in my pockets, in my mind....everywhere          =)

photo. by ave_kii. actually not because of me, but because of ROXY, FLOW, DRAGON and Onboard.

ROXY shop

9/12/07 10:12 pm - so...please, love them! they are awesome)


                                                                    Just look at it=) 




9/10/07 12:58 am

Completely have forgotten to boast of it .Finally got them severals weeks ago (= 


The foto is awful but I don't care (=

8/29/07 04:02 pm - NOFX)

Sweet dream of my childhood!
right now or never in my life)

p.s. foto was made 3 years ago in my bedroom)

8/15/07 08:10 pm - I'm at home again...

It's so hard to come back..

8/7/07 09:48 pm - Swiss..Here we are`...(=

Hey, how are u doing?
I enjoy Alpes and snow here)

8/1/07 03:36 am - Switzerland..

  Gonna to Switzerland tomorrow for two weeks for riding there...aaaaaa)))
Thank you, RGSH (РГШ),  the best sponsor of mine=) and you, our common daddy - Roma Teimurov)

My number there again: 
for callings: +3 725 315 76 58
for sms: +3 725 327 16 58 

See you)

7/27/07 12:37 am - soooon (=

  You know..I like summer...But snow is one thing I see in my dreams every night. I'm looking forward to seeing and touching it in Switzerland in a week) Can't sit here... wanna jump and sing (=  v. excited about this)



7/21/07 04:14 pm - We gonna be there soon again ...

One year ago

And two years ago

7/16/07 08:44 pm

I'm honest. Do you see it?

6/25/07 02:19 am - I'm back home, but I've lost my heart there...


Norway.. You are just something I can't not to think about. Thank You for being so kind and honest with me. I miss you. I love You. I hope to see You again. I just close my eyes and see your amazing fjords, sky-blue lakes, cold rivers, powerful waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and endless road...to happiness.. And people..people I wanna hug now so much. 

P.S: Hugs to Emilia (I know You don't like touching things like these much but still:), Kyna, Bago, Adrian, Egil, Anna, Yan, Elesse, Mike, Heinth and to the rest, whose beautiful names I'm afraid I couldn't write correctly=), to the rest who made my days in Norway just unforgettable... Thank you all.

and to my small company from Moscow as well, ONBOARD team I mean.


6/16/07 02:39 am - Norway, are you looking forward to see me? (=

Tomorrow. Moscow-Oslo-Stryn. 

My phone number there: +3 725 315 76 58 ( for calling) and for SMS: + 3 725 327 16 58

I'll come back soon  (=  In a week =)

6/15/07 12:21 am - Hello, ROXY? (:

6/13/07 11:52 pm - I need a break

"...Although stars shine so bright
May be I should pack my things 
And fly into the sky...

I 've  just got a break away
I just wanna break away..."


6/10/07 02:20 am - I miss you...

Just... snowflakes...where are you now and how are you doing  without me there?  I'm not OK without you...

But may be..

See you....In Norway (=
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